Elkington Family History




Arthur Edward Hardwicke Elkington



Arthur Edward Hardwicke Elkington who worked tirelessly on the Elkington Records together with Christine Mary Elkington.

He was born in Rochford, Worcester in 1893 and was descended from the Elkington’s of Bath. He spent many years working on the family records and left a very full record from 1505 up until the late C20.

He worked with his cousin Christine Mary Elkington daughter of Arthur John Elkington who was a member of the Stock Exchange. Christine and Arthur worked very hard to get all the
information together.

They were both descended from Arthur Guy Elkington who was a Brigade Surgeon with the Grenadier Guards.

His grandfather was Arthur Guy Elkington of
Dursley in Gloucestershire, who was married to
Leoncine Elizabeth Madelane Parsons who was
born in Mauritius.

Leoncine Elizabeth Madelane Parsons



The Elkingtons of Bath were descended through George Elkington born in 1566 in Cropredy, Oxon, son of John Elkington and Alice Brooke. George became a Tanner in Bath as was his son Anthony who received the Freedom of the city. Two generations later the family were Tailors and still receiving the Freedom of the City of Bath.

James Goodall Elkington [William, Samuel, James, William, Anthony, George, John, Richard, Richard] was the first one of the family to go into the army where he served as a Army Surgeon and was born in Bath and christened privately on the 2nd October 1784 and received into at Bath Abbey 5 years later.

He entered the army as a surgeon at the age of 22 years in the 17th Lancers Regiment and after serving in Madeira as a hospital mate, he went on to tend the wounded in Spain during the Peninsular War as an Army surgeon. He was recommended for promotion by the Duke of Wellington and was finally sent to Paris after being at the Battle of Waterloo.



There he met his wife, Louisa, daughter of Captain Bailey. They were married in Paris in 1818 and after returning to England in 1829 were remarried on 31st October.
They had a daughter Louisa and five sons;
William James, Frederick George, Edward Bastard,
John Henry Ford and Arthur Guy.


Frederick George born in Mayo, Ireland, was also in the Army and was a captain in the 35th Foot Regiment dying in India on 29 August 1858 leaving a young wife, Harriet Mary Ingle and two sons James Ingle and Frederick William Whittred.

James Ingle went on to emigrate to New Zealand and married his wife, Annie Elizabeth Blanchard in Nelson, New Zealand on 16th April 1877. Little is known about Frederick William Whittred, another son, only that he was a Batchelor and died 2 January1927, and is buried in the Southern Cemetery, Manchester.



Another branch of this same family which comes down through
James Goodall Elkington is through his son
John Henry Ford Elkington.
John, who was christened in Dublin on 28 April 1830 became a
Lt. General in the British Army.
He received the Turkish Order of the
Mejedieh (aka Medjidie, Medjidieh etc)
in the Crimean War and became the Lt. governor of
Guernsey in the channel Isles where
he died on 21 February 1889.



Here we see the five sons of Lt. General John Henry Ford Elkington. John Ford, Robert James Goodall, William Ernest Walter standing at the rear and seated George Edward and Charles Jarvie. Five handsome sons to be proud of.

Sadly Charles Jarvie Elkington, who was in the Royal Engineers, died at Cairo in Egypt 23 December 1893 aged 24 whilst his brother George Elkington who was a Lt. in The Royal Engineers died at Bloemfontein, South Africa, on the 12 January 1901 aged 29.


[Pictures by kind consent of the Wyatt family of Australia]



1. RICHARD ELKINGTON Oxon cica 1509
2. John ELKINGTON Oxon 1535
3a. George [twin?] ELKINGTON Oxon 1566

Birth: 1566, Cropredy, Oxon
Death: Jan 1640, Bath
Burial: 23 Jan 1640, St. Michael's, Bath, Somerset
Education: Thought to have attended the School at Williamscote.
Occ: Tanner in Bath

Spouse: Joan WATTS
Death: 1603/04
Marr: 14 Aug 1595, St.Michael's, Bath, Somerset

Children: Thomas (1596-1656)
George* (1599-1599)
William (1600-)
George (1603-1625)
Alice (1603-1624)

Other Spouses Alice ? Somerset



3b. George [twin?] ELKINGTON Oxon* (See above)

Spouse: Alice ? Somerset
Death: 1639, Bath, Somerset
Marr: not known, St, Michael's, Bath, Somerset

Children: Mary (1605-)
Margaret (1608-1656)
Alice (1611-)
Anthony (1613-1659)
George (1616-)
Sarah (1617-)
John* (1624-1624)

Other Spouses Joan WATTS


4. Anthony ELKINGTON Somerset

Birth: 1613, Bath, Somerset
Death: 1659, Bath, Somerset
Burial: 1 Jul 1659, St. Michael's, Bath, Somerset
Occ: Tanner of Bath

Spouse: Ffrances ? Somerset
Marr: 1640

Children: Anthony (1642-)
George (1645-1649)
William (1647-)


5. William ELKINGTON Somerset

Birth: 1647

Children: James (1674-1753)


6. James ELKINGTON Somerset

Birth: 1674, Bath
Death: 1753, Bath
Burial: 5 Feb 1753, St.Michael's, Bath, Somerset
Occ: Tailor of Bath

Spouse: Grace ? Somerset
Birth: ca 1674
Death: 1729
Marr: not found

Children: Mary (1700-)
Sarah (1706-1706)
Samuel (1707-1749)



7. Samuel ELKINGTON Somerset

Birth: 1707, Bath
Death: 22 Aug 1749, On a visit to London
Burial: 1749, St. Paul's, Covent Garden. London
Occ: Tailor of Bath. Warden of the Taylors Guild 1732 and 1733. Master 1735

Spouse: Mary GOODALL
Death: 18 Mar 1756
Father: Mr. GOODALL

Children: James (1737-)
Mary (1738-)
Samuel (1739-)
William (1741-)
Walter (1741-)
John (1743-)
Sarah (1747-)



8. William ELKINGTON Somerset

Birth: 1741, Bath

Spouse: Betty FORD+
Birth: Walcot and Colerne, Wilts
Father: John FORD
Marr: 28 Apr 1773, Bath Abbey, Bath, Somerset

Children: James Goodall (1784-1853)
Alice (1778-1825)
Elizabeth Ester



9. James Goodall ELKINGTON Somerset

Birth: 2 Oct 1784, privately baptised
Death: 3 Oct 1853, Dublin
Burial: 1853, Garrison Cemetery, Dublin
Occ: Army Surgeon in the Medical Service

Spouse: Louisa BAILEY
Father: Captain James BAILEY
Marr: 31 Oct 1818, Paris and remarried 31 Oct 1829 by Rev. Mr. Sullivan and Rev. Mr. Player at St. James's Bath.

Children: William [Guilelmus] James (1819-1840)
Frederick George (1822-1858)
Louisa Elizabeth Butler (1824-1858)
Edward Bastard (1827-1831)
John Henry Ford (1830-1889)
Arthur Guy (1832-)




Birth: 5 Nov 1832, Dursley, Gloucestershire
Occ: Army Medical Service L.R.C.S., B.M.S., Deputy Surgeon General, Order of Medjidieh.

In 1881 was Brigade surgeon Grenadier Guards

Spouse: Leoncine Elizabeth Madeline PARSONS Mauritius
Birth: Mauritius
Death: 21 Apr 1887
Marr: 6 Jun 1861, St. Mary's, Bathewick, Bath

Children: Arthur John (1862-)
Henry Percival George (1863-)
William Hardwicke Goodall (1865-)
Ethel Louisa Lily (1868-1942)
Ernest Way (1872-)
Emily Violet Courant (1875-1953)

Other Spouses Catherine NEAVE, Rachel Ethel GORDON



11b. Arthur Guy ELKINGTON GLOUCS* (See above)

Spouse: Catherine NEAVE
Death: 20 Jan 1894
Father: Thomas NEAVE Essex

Children: no issue

Other Spouses Leoncine Elizabeth Madeline PARSONS Mauritius, Rachel Ethel GORDON



11c. Arthur Guy ELKINGTON GLOUCS* (See above)

Spouse: Rachel Ethel GORDON
Father: James Meliss Stuart Gordon of Eriska, Appin and Bath
Marr: 20 Dec 1905

Children: no issue

Other Spouses Leoncine Elizabeth Madeline PARSONS Mauritius, Catherine NEAVE